Presentation of the first issue of “Mugham” Magazine and publications released within the framework of the “Mugham-anthology” Project took place

Presentation ceremony of the first issue of magazine Mugham, founded by Azeri Culture Friends Foundation, and works ‘Letter of Sharafiyya’ and ‘Kitabul-advar’ by Safiyaddin Urmavi (1217-1294), ‘Code of music’ by Fatullah Shirvani (1417-1486) published within the Mugham-Anthology Project took place on July 2 at Heydar Aliyev Foundation.

Chief editor of magazine Mugham is President of Azeri Culture Friends Foundation (ACFF) Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva. In the foreword of the first issue of the magazine prepared at the Mugham Center, affiliated to the ACFF, and published at Sherg-Gerb Publishing House in Azeri, English and Russian languages Mrs Aliyeva informs of the conception of the publication. 

The magazine, including photos taken at various events organized by Heydar Aliyev Foundation and ACFF on mugham, cornerstone laying ceremony of UNESCO International Mugham Center, meeting of national leader Heydar Aliyev with famous musicians, contains an article of Jamila Hasanova on symphonic mughams of outstanding composer Fikrat Emirov, interviews of professor Firangiz Alizade, chairperson of Board of Azerbaijan Composers Union, people’s artist, Majnun Karimov, art director of ancient folk musical instruments group, articles on people’s artist Alim Gasymov, one of the prominent cellists of our time Yo-Yo-Ma. In addition, the magazine’s part ‘Pages of history’ containing a special article on substance and structure of classic mughams presents a summary of events taking place in different years concerning mugham. Article ‘Music informing from ancient times’ talks about the Eastern vocal school. The magazine also includes the information on our national musical instruments tar and gaval (tambourine), parts from poem ‘Mugham’ by people’s poet Bakhtiyar Vahabzade.     

Last pages of the first issue of the magazine containing the summary on books ‘Letter of Sharafiyya’ and ‘Kitabul-advar’ by Safiyaddin Urmavi, ‘Code of music’ by Fatullah Shirvani present replies of people from different professions to question ‘What do we know of mugham and does it have future?’.

Chief editor of the publication Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva addressed the ceremony.

ZEMFIRA SAFAROVA, doctor of Oriental studies, associate member of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, valued the new magazine and publications as important and eminent event for the Azeri public. ‘Presentation of 3 letters written in middle ages and dedicated to mugham, the most precious pearl of musical heritage of our people, and magazine Mugham is big contribution for musicians. A nation can talk of its musical culture and heritage only when it assesses and protects its values. On this point, protection of our music values in era of globalization and deliver them to future generations is very necessary.’ she said.   

Z.Safarova underlined ‘Azeri mugham is in the era of rebirth. Great mugham projects are executed. 3 letters presented today in frame of these projects are mirrors of our music culture of middle ages.’ She gave detailed information on the letters, thanked Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva who has great services in field of their publication.

ALIM GASYMOV, mugham singer, people’s artist, congratulated the music lovers on the publication of the magazine, noted its importance for propaganda of mugham in Azerbaijan and world. He expressed gratitude to Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva and everyone with trouble in the creation of the magazine, sang a short part of mugham.

SIYAVUSH KARIMI, rector of Azerbaijan National Conservatory, people’s artist, said ‘Publication of the magazine and books is very essential initiative in propaganda of our national music and delivering it exactly to the youth.’ Recalling the vision of Mrs Aliyeva that the study of mugham is much weaker than its performance S.Karimi noted the necessity for study of works of Azerbaijani music critics stored in archives and museums of foreign countries.

MAMMAD ADILOV, director of Mahammad Fuzuli Manuscripts Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, doctor of sciences of philology, evaluated the works published within the Mugham-Anthology Project as great contribution to the study of the science of music of Azerbaijan. 

Expressing his deep happiness of creation of the magazine people’s artist, professor ARIF BABAYEV mentioned ‘Mugham is very rapidly developing and expanding in Azerbaijan. Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva has big trouble in this work.’

He once again congratulated Mrs Aliyeva on receiving the Golden Heart International Award.

FIRANGIZ ALIZADE, professor, chairperson of Board of Azerbaijan Composers Union, people’s artist, talked of universal importance of propaganda of mugham. She emphasized special services of Mrs Aliyeva in propaganda of mugham, highly valued attention towards mugham singers, assessed publication of magazine Mugham as a new phase in propaganda of mugham.