A ceremony of presenting new apartments to IDP families in Masazyr settlement

A ceremony of presenting new apartments took place, June 27, in Masazyr settlement, Absheron district, in the framework of execution of the project on providing IDP families temporarily settled in unfit and dangerous buildings with new apartments.

First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva attended the ceremony.

Mehriban Aliyeva addressed the ceremony:

- Respected attendees of the ceremony, dear friends.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you from my heart on the Holy Ramadan Holiday. I wish new achievements and sound health to the people of Azerbaijan.

The month of Ramadan invites the world Muslims to the way of peace and unity, benevolent acts, pure intentions, mercy, and moral maturity. The holy Ramadan invites us to help the needy and those facing hardships. Today’s meeting has a symbolic meaning from this point of view. Some of our fellow countrymen who had been suffering from Armenia’s occupational policy are today provided with a new apartment, which means they will live in better conditions. A new era starts now in your life. Your living conditions will be improved. I want to congratulate you on this occasion and wish you long and happy years in your new apartments.

As a result of Armenia’s occupational policy lasting over 20 years, our country has over a million refugees and IDP. Solution of these peoples’ problems, improving their living conditions, providing them with jobs, education, medical and other services have always been a focus of attention of the Azerbaijani state. All necessary measures have been taken consistently for over twenty years in this area. As you know - although our state has faced great hardships in the first years of our independence - the Azerbaijani Government has removed all tent villages existing in our country in a short span of time. Some 100 modern residential complexes have been constructed in Azerbaijan for IDP families. All necessary infrastructure has been created in these settlements. The settlements have been provided with schools and kindergartens. Over four hundred thousand IDP have been provided with jobs. State programmes are being implemented now aiming to provide our fellow countrymen with jobs. I would like to once more mention that this is the hardest and most important problem for the state of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani state has been taking all necessary actions in order to solve this problem, and this policy will continue to be pursued.

In my activities, I have been approaching solution of social issues, in particular, the problems facing refugee and IDP families, with special attention. My first meeting in the capacity of the first vice-president had been dedicated to solution of these problems. Our goal is to provide, in the first stage, four thousand IDP families living in unfit, unfinished and dangerous buildings in Baku and Sumgait cities with new apartments. All necessary instructions have been given for this purpose and actions are being taken already, and I’m sure we’ll reach our goal. Foundation of a new residential complex designed for 1026 families was laid in May this year near Lokbatan settlement. All necessary infrastructure facilities – a medical station, a secondary school for 600 pupils and a kindergarten – will be constructed in this settlement. Construction works have already started here. I am confident works will be completed in a short period of time and 1026 IDP families who today are living in a very hard conditions will be provided with new apartments.

A total of over 6 billion Manats have been allocated so far by the state of Azerbaijan for the execution of these works. Today, the proportion of the funds allocated by the state for refugees and IDP in Azerbaijan is among the highest indices of the world. The achievements reached by the state of Azerbaijan in this field, our experience is recognized as a model in the world.

I would like to once more note that Azerbaijan is a powerful state and takes all necessary steps to solve current issues, implementing all necessary actions. It is very pleasing that, along with the state, business structures, businessmen too, could not remain indifferent to this very important for our society issue, continuing to give their contribution to the solution of this major problem.

Today, 214 families temporarily settled in an unfit building in Shuvalan settlement, Khazar district, and unfinished building in Khatai district are resettled into new, completely finished buildings. Today, thanks to the support provided by businessmen, living conditions of 214 families will be improved. Taking this opportunity, I want to express my deep gratitude to these companies. I consider this a case worth of esteem. I am hopeful other business people, other business structures operating in our country too will joint this initiative in future. This is an indicator of our society’s unity, at the same time, continuation of the tradition of charity, one of the best traditions of Azerbaijan.

I expect the business structures, businessmen and the private sector to seriously think about the social responsibility and take active part in the solution of problems concerning our society. In particular, they should participate in improving the living conditions of refuges and IDP, the hardest problem for each of us.

The state of Azerbaijan has always approached its citizens, in particular, you – refugee and IDP families, who have faced great hardships - and taken care thereof. The greatest dream of every Azerbaijani is to liberate our lands from occupation and restore the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. We all want all our refugees and IDP to return to their native lands, homes. We want our villages, towns and cities liberated from occupation to be restored, new settlements built and people return to normal lifestyle. Our state has been doing everything to this end. And we have to show solidarity on this path to reach all the goals facing us.

I once more congratulate each of you from my heart and wish you sound health and new achievements. Thank you very much.


Mehriban Aliyeva expressed her thanks for the high appreciation of her activities.

- Dear sisters and brother.

Thank you very much for these pleasant words about me and my activities. I want to note that in my activities at the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the Azerbaijan Culture Foundation and in my today’s very responsible position, you have been my source of strength. This is because whenever I make any step, while being in contact with every human, the people of Azerbaijan that I love very much, I feel, indeed, your love, your support, and your trust, which is essential for me.

Not such a long time has passed since Azerbaijan restored its state independence, in terms of history. Nevertheless, Azerbaijan has made the world feel its presence with the achievements reached in all fields – economy, politics, social sphere, sports and culture. I am sure the people of Azerbaijan underlies all these achievements.

Today, you mentioned that very large international events have taken place recent years in our country. Of course, the number of guests and tourists coming to our country from around the world is increasing. We meet these people, come in contact with them. All of them talk about the beauty of Baku, our country’s development, and the Azerbaijani cuisine. But they specially emphasize that people here are very good, open-hearted, warm-hearted and hospitable. Needless to say that beauty and prosperity is very important. But if you come to a beautiful place and see hatred and anger in the face of people, you can never feel yourself comfortable in such a place. All guests say that you are happy, your people are so kind. I very much believe in this and take pride in. I am proud of our people having such a great heart. I believe that good intentions, kindness of a human is essential for the solution of the issues facing us – they exist and are numerous, we are living in a difficult world, and our people has such qualities. Therefore, we will definitely reach all our goals, with justice being restored, the Garabagh problem solved, and you all will return to your native lands and we will celebrate this together.

I once more express my deep respect and love for you. Thank you very much.