A ceremony of presenting new apartments to IDP families in Masazyr settlement takes place

A ceremony of presenting new apartments took place in Masazyr settlement of Absheron district, June 27, in the framework of implementation of the project on providing IDP families temporarily settled in unfit buildings (in emergency state) with new apartments.

First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva attended the ceremony.

Mehriban Aliyeva addressed the ceremony.

Internally displaced from Fuzuli district Rafiz Karimov, Vusala Fataliyeva from Shusha, Zabita Jafarova and Amirkhan Zeynalov from Lachyn district, making a speech at the ceremony, thanked Mehriban Aliyeva, as the First Vice-president of Azerbaijan, for the special care shown towards refugees and IDP.

Mehriban Aliyeva thanked them for the high appreciation given to her activity.

Then, Mehriban Aliyeva familiarized herself with the conditions created in new apartments for IDP families in Masazyr settlement.

Deputy Prime-minister, Head of the State Committee for Refugees and IDP Affairs Ali Hasanov informed that 164 IDP families have been provided with new apartments in the “New Baku” Residential Complex in Masazyr settlement. Moreover, 50 IDP families have been provided with new apartments in Binagadi Youth Village, Mehdiabad settlement. Interior finishing in the apartments have been completed, and kitchen furniture has been provided. In general, 214 apartments concerned have been provided for IDP temporarily settled in an unfit building in “Energetika” boarding home in Shuvalan settlement, Khazar district, and in a building on Ganja avenue, Khazar district, which had been in emergency state.

A meeting took place on March 9, 2017, chaired by Mehriban Aliyeva, which had been dedicated to settlement of refugee and IDP families temporarily settled in dormitories in Baku and Sumgait cities. Along with citing the works carried out to date towards improving the living conditions of refugees and IDP, it was also emphasized, at the meeting, that quite a lot of people still reside in unfit buildings fallen in disrepair, some of them being in emergency state, and that urgent measures should be taken to speed up the works in this direction. Therefore, instruction had been given to provide IDP families residing in unfit buildings in Baku and Sumgait cities with new apartments in the near future. And today, on the days of Ramadan Holiday, 214 IDP families were provided with new apartments.


Mehriban Aliyeva paid a visit to the apartment of martyr’s family from Khojaly Ulduza Khojayeva, and congratulated them on the new apartment:

- Congratulations.

Ulduza Khojayeva: Thank You very much. I cannot find right words to express my gratitude for the help You have provided to us. You have done a lot of works. There is no way I can compare my previous apartment with the new one.

Mehriban Aliyeva: You had been IDP settled in “Energetika” Boarding Home. It was a building being in an emergency state. Therefore, we first resettled these families. Now, our goal is to provide four thousand families residing in most harsh conditions with new apartments over the course of two years. I am confident we will reach our goal. The state too has been constructing buildings. Moreover, apartments are allocated in ready buildings, and get repaired. Business structures too have joined this initiative. They also provide support. I am sure we’ ll not face a problem. We are strong only when we are united.

Ulduza Khojayeva: We have been listening to news about Your good deeds, and rejoicing. Today, my heart is full of words to thank You for the conditions You have created for us. I do not know, which of them to say to soothe my heart.

Mehriban Aliyeva: What matters to me is that you already have good living conditions, can live in normal apartments, and have been liberated from those torments.

Ulduza Khojayeva: Thanks to You, myself and my children will from now on live in an apartment with such comfortable conditions. Therefore, I do not know how to pray for You to calm my heart. We have very good living conditions, comfortable roads. All is obvious. Mehriban khanum, thank You very much. May God bestow sound health upon You. We know that our President and You have great respect for us – IDP and martyr’s families.

Mehriban Aliyeva: Thank You. Let me convey the greetings of the President to you. He has instructed me to deliver His greetings and respect to you. I want to assure you that all the activities of the President are aimed at improving the well-being of the people of Azerbaijan, strengthening our country, and making sure that people live in better conditions. Of course, our refugees and IDP deserve the greatest attention. Both the President and also state bodies have been doing and will do their best to remove all the hardship these people have been facing. I am very happy to see our united society. The people of Azerbaijan is always ready to lend a helping hand to the neighbour, relative, friend, and even to an unknown human. This stems from our people’s traditions, its character. Thanks to this unity and these features, we will be able to reach all the goals we have set for ourselves. We have to manifest unity, be united, and everyone should approach their duties with great responsibility. The highest goal should only be serving the people of Azerbaijan. Today’s achievements, Azerbaijan’s current strength, might and development are due to this factor.

How many children do you have?

Ulduza Khojayeva: I have six children, 27 grandchildren.

Mehriban Aliyeva: Mash Allah, may God protect them. Do they all live in that boarding home?

Ulduza Khojayeva: No, part of them. One of my children lives in the district. The rest is here. Insha’Allah, they will all be resettled thanks to Your help. May God always help You. I am happy You have been taking care of our children, and ourselves, never forgetting about us. I am grateful. May God always help You. Azerbaijan has been well-known thanks to the National Leader, our President and You. Thank You very much, my profound gratitude to You. I wish You sound health and great achievements in all Your activities.

Mehriban Aliyeva: Thank you very much. You know that recent years I have had frequent meetings with mothers of Garabagh martyrs, their sisters, and IDP families. I bow my head before them. They deserve great respect. You have been through great hardships, seen many difficult days, lost your relatives, your sons becoming martyrs, and you have led a very difficult life. Therefore, your perseverance, strength, attachment to the Homeland, large heart – all these deserve great respect and esteem.

Ulduza Khojayeva: We take pride in seeing Your such great works, and I believe, Insha’Allah, we will soon return to our native lands, our homes.

Mehriban Aliyeva: Insha’Allah. Myself and the President of Azerbaijan too wish you sound health. We will reach all the goals facing us together. Thank you very much. I wish you happiness, successes, and long life.


At the end of the meeting, a photo was taken.