Our cultural heritage

Every nation’s cultural heritage is its wealth. Historical monuments, buildings constructed by skilful architects, pictures drawn by famous artists, works of art written by writers and poets, music works created by eminent composers and samples of folk art are considered a nation’s cultural heritage. 

Our nation has played a significant role in formation of the world culture. We have a right to take pride in our historical monuments, rich literature, arts, and music culture.  The first theatre, first opera, first ballet, first Academy of Science in the Muslim Orient were created in Azerbaijan.

The oldest  sample of the Azerbaijani people’s written literature  is Avesta.  Here, the mythological world view of the Azerbaijani people has been reflected.  With a 1300-year history, the “Kitabi Dada Gorgud” Epos is the oldest and greatest written monument that reached us from our great grandfathers.

The land of Azerbaijan has bestowed upon the mankind such geniuses as Bahmanyar, Ajami Nakhchivani, Nizami Ganjavi, Nasraddin Tusi, Mahammad Fuzuli, Shah Ismail Khatai, Mirza Fatali Akhundzadeh,  Hussein Javid, Uzeir Hajibeyov,  Gara Garayev, Fikret Amirov, and Yusuf Mammadaliyev.

Nice samples of Azerbaijani folk art are preserved in the wealthiest museums of the world, such as London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, Washington’s Textile and Metropolitan museums, the Louvre Museum of Paris, Istanbul’s Topkapy Museum,  the Hermitage Museum of  Saint Petersburg, and a number of other museums. 

The oldest samples of the fine arts may be found in Gobustan and Gemigaya sites. On rocks in these sites, fishing, hunting scenes, domestic scenes, group dances, various symbols, constellations, starts etc. have been pictured. 

Our country’s territory is rich in historical architectural monuments.  Numerous monuments related to the period of Albanian state have been preserved to date.  Yusif ibn Kuseir and Momina Khatun shrines in Nakhchivan, the shrine in Barda,  Khudaferin bridges in Jabrail district,  the Synyg Korpu in Gazakh district,  the Maiden Tower - symbol of Baku,  the Shirvanshahs’ Palace Complex,  fortresses in Mardakan, Nardaran and Ramany,  the Pirsaatchay Khanegah (a house for dervishes),  the Palace of Sheki Khans etc.  are  the best sample of Azerbaijani architecture.

Our Homeland - the land of Fires - is famous  as a country with magical music. The Gavaldash (stone tambourine), picture of “Yally”  dancing people  among petroglyphs talks about Azerbaijani people’s interest for music since the old periods. Mughams form the foundation of Azerbaijan’s national music. 

Shusha is Azerbaijan’s music temple.   Famous for its rich music traditions for centuries,  Shusha had been called the conservatoire of the Caucasus.

Considerable damage has been caused to our cultural heritage and our national cultural monuments were ruthlessly destroyed as a result of Armenia’s occupation policy.  In our museums ransacked by Armenians, valuable items associated with Azerbaijani people’s history and culture,  works of art and culture,  world-renowned carpets, souvenirs of Azerbaijan’s eminent personalities and other valuable materials had been collected.

Our people’s traditions, national holidays too are an integral part of our cultural heritage.  The history of Novruz Holiday is as old as our people’s history.

To preserve our cultural heritage is the duty of everyone of us, as it shows the  unique feature of our Homeland, and is its history.  We have to preserve these values in order that the future generations could take pride in them.