Our nature

Our Homeland’s nature is very beautiful and colourful.  There are mountains with snowy tops and vast green plains in Azerbaijan.

The Greater Caucasus Mountains from the north,  the Lesser Caucasus Mountains from the west and south-west and Talysh Mountains from the south-east are stretching in our country.  Bazarduzu, Shahdagh, Babadagh, Delidagh and Ilandagh   are the highest mountains and mountain tops.  The highest mountain top in our country is  Bazarduzu. It is 4466 metres high. 

Our country is rich in natural resources. The natural resources include everything possible to use  for a human’s  living.  Mineral resources, land, water resources, forests, ocean and seas are natural resources.

Azerbaijan has 9 out of the 11 climate zones existing in the world.  Azerbaijan’s climate has created a favourable condition for growing various types of plants in our country. 

There are over 8300 rivers, over 250 lakes and water reservoirs in our country. Kur and Araz  are the biggest rivers of Azerbaijan. These rivers spring out of Turkish mountains, come together on the territory of Azerbaijan and flow into the Caspian Sea.  Caspian Sea is  considered to be the biggest lake in the world. Due to its big area and a number of features related to a sea, it is called a sea. 

Azerbaijan has many lakes with beautiful view, such as Goygol, Maralgol and Batabat. Goygol, which has been formed as a result of an earthquake on the slope of Kapaz Mount, is a miracle of nature. Due to the water in the lake being very transparent, anything deep down up to 13 metres can be seen. The lake’s water is comprised of three layers: fresh water layer, transition layer and poisonous sulphur layer. The interesting thing is that these three layers do not get mixed with each other. The lake is surrounded by dense forests. 

Azerbaijan’s vegetable kingdom is very rich.  Some 4500 plant types exist in our republic. Such valuable and rare trees as argan tree, Eldar pine, rubber tree are growing in our country. 

Azerbaijan’s animal world too is very rich.  Over 30,000 animal types are living in our country. The state of Azerbaijan has created reserves, national parks and game reserves in the country. Endangered plant and animal types have been included in the “Red Book” of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The “Red Book” is a state document about the condition of rare and endangered wild animals and plant types in our country. 

The most famous natural resource of Azerbaijan is oil. Since very old times, Azerbaijan has been known as an oil country. First onshore and offshore production of oil in the world was realized in Azerbaijan. The Oil Rocks in the Caspian Sea is one of the world’s miracles. The matchless Naftalan healing oil is also in Azerbaijan. 

Since the old times, eternally burning hearths existed in the Absheron Peninsula. In a place called “Yanar Dagh” (burning mount), tongues of flames coming out of the earth is considered nature’s miracle. Therefore, Azerbaijan has been known in the world as a Land of Fire. 

By the number and diversity of mud volcanos, Azerbaijan is in the first place. Our country is rich in mineral waters with therapeutic action. Therefore, the territory of Azerbaijan is called “the museum of mineral waters”. 

Beautiful and rich nature of our Homeland attracts everyone. To protect this beauty is the duty of each of us.