Articles are published in Arab media about Mehriban Aliyeva

Articles were published  about First Vice-president of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva in Arab media, including the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Egypt, on August 27th. Broad information was given in these press bodies about the multilateral activity of Azerbaijan’s first lady. 

In the articles published in Arabic and English in such newspapers and portals as “Al Jumhuriyah Al Youm”, “Misr Al Youm”, “Kalemtarab” of Egypt, “Al Vatan”, “Dubai Global News”, “Dubai New Style”, “Mebusiness”, “Middle East News”, “Ecarian”, “MENAFN” of the United Arab Emirates, and “Hormuz” of Oman is mentioned that Azerbaijan’s First Vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva undertook the obligation to faithfully serve her people and state, and that she had worthily represented an Azerbaijani woman in the world and tirelessly worked for the prosperity of her country. 

It was brought to the attention of the general public of these Arab countries that Mehriban Aliyeva had endless merits in  promotion of Azerbaijan’s material and cultural heritage across the world. So, following her initiative, the Foundation of Friends of the Azerbaijani Culture  was founded in 1995, and that the headed by her Heydar Aliyev Foundation has organized successful events in various countries. She, as the head of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, has paid special attention to developing  education and healthcare, issues concerning the child health, and implementing  projects in the field of culture. Execution of the programme related to the construction of new schools, reconstruction of preschool education institutions and development of children homes and boarding schools has been carried out under the leadership of Mehriban Aliyeva.   

It was mentioned in the articles that for Mehriban Aliyeva,  children deprived of parental care have always been a  focus of attention. It is no coincidence that the Heydar Aliyev Foundation has become a symbol of sympathy and kindness not only in Azerbaijan, but also across the world. 

The articles underscored that thanks to the care and attention shown by Mehriban Aliyeva, who has been promoting Azerbaijan’s rich culture, music and traditions all over the world, samples of cultural heritage were entered on UNESCO’s World Heritage Lists. 

In the articles, where the works done by Mehriban Aliyeva for organization of a dialogue between cultures and religions, as well as ensuring tolerance and kind relations between people related to different religions and ethnic groups were also brought to attention, were underscored that the First Vice-president, along with showing care for the construction and restoration of temples, mosques, places of pilgrimage and religious monuments, has  made significant contribution to promotion of tolerance and intercultural dialogue, focusing also on restoration of churches and synagogues. The First Vice-president of Azerbaijan has also been making important contribution to supporting humanitarian and social projects in various countries of the world, as well as to protection of the world heritage and historical monuments. She has demonstrated her high-level organizational skills in holding a number of important international events, and chaired the Organizing Committee of the First European Games, also taking active part in the organization of the Islamic Solidarity Games.