An interview to "Baku" Magazine

Azerbaijan's First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva gave an interview to "Baku" Magazine.

"BAKU": Introvert or extravert?

Introvert. Reflection is a necessary condition of lifestyle. Although I’ve been recognized as extravert in social sphere.

"BAKU": Monochrome or colourful?

Monochrome. Single colour is a sign of integrity and compactness.

"BAKU": Fast or slow?

Fast. Any movement is better than a static condition.

"BAKU": Night or day?

Day. I don’t like unconscious condition.

"BAKU": What would You like to change in the world?

I’ve no desire of changing the world. I’m interested in changing myself and becoming the best. In my opinion, busyness is more useful.

"BAKU": Should a physician be merciful?

I would like mercifulness to be inherent in people regardless of their professional activity.

"BAKU": Spring or fall?

Both spring and fall, summer and winter. You know, spring may be in February too. In souls.

"BAKU": Why did not You become an actress?

A small episode in youth years in cinema did not at all arouse a desire in me to become an actress.

"BAKU": Your favourite digit?

"BAKU": Optimistic or pessimistic?

Optimistic. A theory of thinking and word materiality is close to me. In this case, why to materialize negativeness?

"BAKU": Your primary life principle?

To keep dignity in any condition.

"BAKU": Your favourite jewellery?

Opal. It is deep and always different.

"BAKU": What are, in Your opinion, three main important features in people?

Dignity, intellect and kindness.

"BAKU": We are living in a time of total divorces. As time goes on, more betrayals occur, true values are replaced by lies. Can a human being of the 21st century live without love?

In all times, love has been completely organic, necessary and inevitable feeling for the mankind, as the breathing.

"BAKU": Do the modern society need ideals?

Any society needs ideals. Moral ideals.

"BAKU": If God let You, what would you change in your past?

The illness of my mother who has been very dear to me, and her passing away...

"BAKU": Dostoyevsky has told beauty will rescue the world. Is it true? Can women influence global events, or all decisions are dependent on men-politicians?

Dostoevsky has talked, through his heroes’ language, about moral beauty, the Bad not being able to become normal condition of people, and only the Good being truly beautiful. If there is anything that can protect the planet from being ruined, that is the Good. In my opinion, it has nothing to do with gender.

"BAKU": What rule have You always followed in your life?

To be extremely natural. Not play games.

"BAKU": Why is life so sensible?

I do not know why a human being’s life is so sensible. May be it is the token of spirit’s eternity.