Milli Majlis

The National Assembly (Milli Majlis) is the parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  A parliament is a body formed by the country’s population through elections, which passes laws.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan is formed by 125 deputies.  Deputies are elected for 5 years.  Any Azerbaijani citizen over 25 years old may be elected a deputy to the National Assembly in a way defined by law.

Mehriban Aliyeva was a deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan during 2005-2017. Thanks to her activity, Khazar district, where she was elected from, has improved and become more beautiful.

Being guided by principles of justice and humanism, Mehriban Aliyeva showed initiative in 2007, 2009 and 2013 to pass a wide-scale act of pardoning. By this initiative, she wanted people that had made mistakes, but not committed grave crimes, to return to a normal life, join their families, and conditions are created for them to find their place in the society.   Due to this humanistic act, which had also been welcomed by our people, thousands of people were freed and joined their families and relatives.