Life experience

There is one significant period in the history of Azerbaijan of the 20th century: it started at the end of the 60s and continued into the beginning of the 21st century. At first a big, controversial picture with its ups and downs, with dry statistical data and facts appears in our minds. However, it takes only two words for the pages of history to come alive. The picture of successes and losses, progress and development gets brighter and clearer than even if it was shown in tables and graphs. The two words are Heydar Aliyev. A participant and creator of the most important pages of our history of the 20th century. A Citizen, who has been responsible for Azerbaijan for more than 30 years, a great Person and a mighty Leader. For my generation of people born in the 60s, he is like a family member, close and dear. And this kinship is quite natural.

Besides being a great example for us, who were entering our independent lives in the 60s, he was part of our everyday life due to his strong character, his unique leadership and state skills, his erudition, capacity for work, love for art and full support of people of culture. In the society living by the laws of that time, the leader of the republic, a man of deep national convictions, in the best meaning of the word, had to face many difficulties, get over numerous hidden obstacles and overcome internal worries. It could not have been different. Heydar Aliyev has always been a strong shield and foundation for Azerbaijan. Our generation felt it the most at the end of the 80s, when dark clouds covered the sky over our Motherland - during the Garabagh war and the tragedy of January 20th, when we faced injustice and indifference. Then we realized that his life for Azerbaijan is a true gift of God. We understood that the phrase “Azerbaijan and Heydar Aliyev are indissoluble” is not empty words.

He has always worked for the development of his Motherland, he has always been proud of the culture and history of his country, and he has always cared for its future. It is no wonder that the life of his Motherland, Azerbaijan, has interwoven with his human life.

Bringing the remains of Huseyn Javid from Siberia to the place of his birth, implementing the most significant historical and cultural projects on immortalization of the memory of his outstanding fellowmen, sending hundreds of young Azeri citizens to high institutions of the former USSR, constantly considering matters of preservation and promotion of Azerbaijan's spiritual heritage, he has been teaching us a lesson of life, explaining to us the true meaning of the phrase – “This Motherland is yours, mine, ours.” We, born in the 60s, were among millions of people who came to the central square to support Heydar Aliyev who, beginning from 1993, has been writing the history of Azerbaijan again.

Still today, in the epoch of Heydar Aliyev, my generation is learning a new life lesson. The subject of the lesson is faith in the power of the spirit, will and character of man and the invincibility of Human being, that are so intrinsic to him.