My ring is turquoise...

Contemporary culture of Azerbaijan has an important integral part which is the magical, fabulous world of music. For more than twenty five years, its radiant stars, Fidan and Khuraman Gasimova have been featuring Azerbaijan in the international arena mesmerizing audiences with their amazing, unique and magnificent voices. They have been the first representatives of the national vocal school ever reached the highest accomplishments at the prestigious international vocal contests. Fidan khanum's and Khuraman khanum's triumphs at Viotti and Maria Kallas, Tchaikovsky competitions respectively, have been depicted in the history of national music with golden letters. Indeed, the fate generously endowed them with almost everything: an amazing voice, outstanding beauty and unique talent. Beauty and Talent - these two definitions perfectly describe the essence of their personalities.

Nigar, Margarita, Dezdemona, Tatyana and Mimi portrayed by Fidan Gasimova... Also, Sevil, Toska and Aida performed by Khuraman Gasimova... The gallery of opera characters created by the singers is distinguished with an impeccable technique and psychological deepness of interpretation. So far we have put aside their rich repertoire which comprises a wide range of the world vocal literature - from Bach to contemporary Azerbaijani composers. During twenty five years, they have not only enjoyed outstanding successes and accomplishments but also undergone hardships and sorrow. But they have recovered from all shocks of the fates remaining among the most prominent and worldwide renowned figures of Azerbaijani music.

Fidan and Khuraman Gasimova have been awarded with the highest artistic titles in the country. Yet there is no higher award for them rather than concert halls filled with audience and umpteen flowers, theatrical stages, numerous invitations from abroad, and sincere love and appreciation of their students and colleagues at the Baku Music Academy.