Familiarization with the works carried out in Icherisheher State History and Architecture Reserve

On April 26, First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva became familiarized with the works carried out in Icherisheher State History and Architecture Reserve.

According to the information given, appropriate measures are being taken on a constant basis, aiming to preserve historical and cultural monuments existing on the Reserve’s territory, as well as keeping their architectural and aesthetic appearance, and ensuring their durability. At the moment, works are underway towards reconstruction of cafes and restaurants along the Fortress walls, at Kichik Gala Street.

The repair and restoration works being performed would cause no alteration to the appearance of Icherisheher or the Fortress walls, along with causing no damage to the Twin Fortress walls, keeping the previous look.

Mehriban Aliyeva said Icherisheher has been a native and dear place for the people of Azerbaijan.

Mehriban Aliyeva said:

Icherisheher is a native and dear place for all Azerbaijan, for all our citizens, being the heart of our Baku, our native Baku. It is, indeed, a very valuable historical and cultural monument. I remember, some time ago, Icherisheher was entered on UNESCO’s black list, as no restoration works had been carried out here. All these were illegal acts. At that time, following the President’s instruction, a series of restoration and reconstruction works were carried out. Considering the wishes of citizens and entrepreneurs, every building and every stone of Icherisheher was shown great attention by the state. I remember walking here with Mr. President at Novruz Holiday, and having intercourse with residents. We are pride of having Icherisheher in Baku. I am confident, this is a feeling experienced by every Azerbaijani. Needless to say, no damage can be caused to any stone of the Fortress wall, and would never be done.

You know, now I want to talk about those people that are conducting campaigns of lies and slanders on the social media, and on the information space. I want to mention that every human is responsible before his/her conscience, and God. Therefore, I am confident one can never achieve anything by bad intention, provocation, and a feeling of hatred. We should show only good will, kindness and love towards every cultural monument, history of our Homeland, and the religion. Our people are well aware of this, and understands this. This is why I came here today personally. I knew, and I had been kept informed of the progress of all these events. Nevertheless, I wanted to meet entrepreneurs, in order to once more make sure there is no construction work going on here. There is no threat to the historical and cultural monuments here. On the contrary, all these steps are aiming at their protection.

A newly discovered historical monument – the hamam – is being restored. I want to also mention that leading experts have been involved in all the restoration works carried out recently on the Fortress walls in Icherisheher, which is very good. Therefore, you should keep supervising. Firstly, of course, we should protect Icherisheher, being very careful towards it. Secondly, interests of the people residing in Icherisheher should be taken into account. At the same time, I am sure, for entrepreneurs too, this place is native, dear, and one of the most significant monuments of the country. You too, should build your attitude in this direction.

I want to also mention that in order not to encounter this kind of cases in the future, we should provide comprehensive information to the public. Even if any restoration or repair works are planned to carry out in Icherisheher, the public should be given detailed information thereof, before such works start, in order to prevent such cases from emerging. I very well understand peoples’ concerns. Because, sketches of the wall fallen in 1954 are now placed and deliberately presented as its today’s look. I want to once more note that I do not want to talk about those people. On the other hand, I very well understand the people who are concerned. In such cases, in order not to face these kind of lies, we have to provide all information ourselves, in a detailed manner. They should be provided before the start of the works, describing the works to be carried out, and why and how they should be performed. I want to once more note that no stone should be caused damage. Icherisheher is beautiful. It is our treasure, which we will always protect and convey to future generations as it is.