Meeting with spouses of diplomatic mission heads

On March 20, the day of Novruz Holiday, First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva met with spouses of heads of diplomatic missions in Baku.

Mehriban Aliyeva addressed the meeting:

- Esteemed guests.

Dear friends.

Hello to everyone, and I would like to congratulate you on Novruz Holiday and, taking this opportunity, deliver my congratulations on the recently celebrated International Women’s Day. Novruz is one of the most ancient and beloved holidays in Azerbaijan. Novruz is the symbol of spring, and I would like to wish each of you and your families sound health, great happiness and love. I would also like to express my esteem towards the countries you have been representing in Azerbaijan, and wish peace to your peoples. I highly appreciate the activities of “HOMS Group Ambassador Spouses Association”. Your activities at personal level greatly contribute to the advancement of the relations between our countries.

Dear friends, historically, Azerbaijan has been a place where representatives of different cultures, nationalities and religions have lived together peacefully, and in harmony. In contemporary Azerbaijan, we take pride in our country’s being recognized as one of the world hubs of intercultural dialogue and multiculturalism. This year is very significant for us. A hundred years ago, the people of Azerbaijan laid the foundation of the first parliamentary democratic republic in the Muslim world. Unfortunately, it existed 23 months only. Nevertheless, the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan took a series of decisions of great importance, one of which was the decision associated with empowering women to vote. In today’s Azerbaijan, we have preserved the traditions of statehood, democracy, and equality of rights. Azerbaijani women are very active in various spheres of our life. They are active in political, economic and social spheres. Despite the hardships we have been through after regaining our state independence, Azerbaijan could manage to secure its rapid development. We have made very significant steps in political, economic and social spheres. Today, Azerbaijan is implementing a number of wide-scale infrastructure, energy and transport projects that are of great importance to not only Azerbaijan, but also the region. Azerbaijan is located at the crossroads of the eastern and western civilizations, and Azerbaijan is one of the few countries to be a member of both the European Council and the Islamic Cooperation Organization.

Dear friends, today, in an era while we are witnessing, unfortunately, many conflicts, wars and killings of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the world, it is of paramount importance to demonstrate that peace may be secured by way of dialogue and mutual respect. Therefore, Azerbaijan is so much committed to creating an international platform for mutual understanding and dialogue. I would like to once more thank all of you for your active position in the humanitarian sphere, and your charitable activities. I am fully confident that kindness and generosity can make our world a better place. I believe humanism, mercy and love can make our lives happier. I want to once more thank you. I am glad to have welcomed you all. I want to once more deliver my congratulations on Novruz Holiday. I wish happiness to each of you and your families, and I hope you have been enjoying our meeting, the Azerbaijani cuisine and nice Azerbaijani music. Welcome. Happy Novruz Holiday!


In conclusion, Mehriban Aliyeva, having touched upon cooperation, including the relations in the humanitarian sphere, said:

- I am sure we have great potential to build stronger cooperation, especially in the humanitarian sphere. I have been informed of your charitable activities. I have always supported this activity. As I have already mentioned, and I truly believe that this is such an area that can change a lot of things, and help to solve a number of problems. I’ll be always ready to support your charitable activities in the humanitarian sphere. I’m always very glad to see, and meet you. My congratulations on Novruz Holiday, my best wishes to you. I wish you happiness and love. Thank you.