Plenary sitting of the National Assembly’s spring session

On March 7, a regular plenary sitting of the spring session of the National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan took place.

First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva attended the sitting.

First Vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva addressed the sitting:

- Dear Ogtay muallim.

Esteemed members of the parliament.

In connection with my appointment to a new position based on the Resolution of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated February 21, 2017, I have to cease my activity as a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan. I have been a member of the parliament for over ten years. During these years, I have been greatly honoured to be a deputy of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan.

During the years of independence, the deputy corps of the National Assembly has played a great role in the formation of our country as an influential state. The legal bedrock of the reforms carried out in Azerbaijan is formed by draft laws meeting contemporary realities and calls, developed as a result of joint labour of the parliamentarians.

Dear colleagues, during the time I have served as a parliament member, I’ve always witnessed a pleasant environment here. Certainly, chairperson of the National Assembly Ogtay Asadov has played a great role in ensuring this environment. For over ten years, he has been performing the duties of the National Assembly’s chair. Dear Ogtay muallim, I wish you successes in your future activity.

Dear members of the Parliament, I would like to give you information about the works carried out in Khazar district, from where I’d been nominated a candidate to the parliament since 2005 to date. In the course of this period, 42 schools, 44 kindergartens, 16 boarding homes and schools, as well as summer camps for 3 children homes were constructed or basically repaired in this district. 17 health institutions, 10 sports objects, including 6 stadiums, 28 cultural objects, including culture houses, libraries and museums, and 7 mosques and shrines have been commissioned into operation. Moreover, gas and electricity supply for the population has been improved in Shuvalan, Bina, Turkan and Zira settlements of the district, water lines built in Shuvalan, Bina and Gala settlements, and roads with total length of 93km were built in the district. During these years, along with implementing large-scale projects, I have also raised issues concerning people’s daily life. I’ve always tried to support people who appealed to me for a help. In all the stages of my activity, I’ve felt the support of the district residents. Our contacts were not formal, always very sincere. I can with full confidence say that all the achievements we have reached were possible due to our joint work. I want to thank everybody who supported me during these years. I am sure, I’ll work with my full strength for the development of Khazar district.

While in the National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan, I’ve put forward a series of proposals. The initiative put forward by myself in 2007, 2009, 2013 and 2016, based on the ideals of humanism and justice, on adopting amnesty acts were endorsed by my colleagues. As a result, 39 thousand 887 prisoners were pardoned, based on the decisions on declaring an amnesty. I want to thank those deputies who have endorsed the amnesty initiatives and whereby bestowed freedom upon thousands of people. I hope putting forward such initiatives by our MPs will continue, and this nice tradition will go on.

I would like to stress, specially, some issues associated with healthcare. As you know, the healthcare is one of the priority areas in the activity of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation I have been heading. The “For Life Without Thalassemia” Programme that the Foundation has been implementing since 2005 has gained wide scope. At our initiative, the issue was brought to the parliament for discussion, and within a short timeframe, the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On the state care for people suffering from heritable blood diseases haemophilia and thalassemia” was adopted by the National Assembly. The Thalassemia Centre constructed following the Foundation’s initiative in Baku is the only medical institution in the region provided with the most advanced equipment making bone marrow transplantation possible. Since the vary day on which the centre embarked on its activity, operations on bone marrow transplantation were conducted on over 40 children.

In general, spread of heritable blood diseases in our country worries me as a physician. With a view to insuring formation of a healthy family and reducing risks in this direction, in 2014, I spoke with a proposal to have marrying young couples pass a compulsory medical examination. After elaborate discussions with my colleagues, a law was passed on making relevant changes to the Family Code.

A number of events were held following my initiatives to promote Azerbaijan in the world as a multinational, tolerant and multi-faith country. In all my speeches, I conveyed the true facts about the occupation of Daghlyg Garabagh and surrounding seven districts – 20 percent of our territory, and over one million people living as refugees and IDPs to the world society. Publications printed by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation about the Khojaly tragedy have been disseminated all over the world.

Dear colleagues, I value my 12-year activity in the National Assembly as a great life school. The experience I’ve gained as a parliamentarian is matchless. Regardless of my position, direction of my activity, I’ve relied on simple principles in life. I’ve tried to never forget that conscience and decency, mercy and goodwill, justice and mutual respect are the most valuable and nice human traits God has bestowed upon people. Using this high rostrum, I would like to assure every human who trusts me that I will prefer moral values in my future activity too. I will do my best to protect Azerbaijan’s independence, and our country’s multilateral development. Recent days I have received numerous letters of congratulation from our fellow citizens. Every letter, every congratulation I receive from them is very valuable to me. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank each of them for their sincere words and support.

I would like to congratulate all my women-colleagues and all Azerbaijani women on 8 March – the International Women’s Day. I wish each of you sound health, happiness in private life and successes in business. I want to thank you for our joint activity during these years, and I am confident our cooperation will continue. May God protect Azerbaijan! Thank you for your attention.