Mehriban Aliyeva: “Decisions taken by physicians, their professional skills, self-sacrifice and compassion are our basic weapons and hope”

We all have been experiencing hard times. The coronavirus epidemic - a dangerous disease unknown to science to date – has turned our daily life upside-down. The contemporary world has never encountered such a global crisis, facing the necessity of applying quarantine measure of this scale.

The coronavirus pandemic has been an extremely difficult challenge for the modern healthcare system. Even a number of developed countries with a cutting-edge technology cannot cope with this crisis.

The struggle against the coronavirus is compared to a war. This is indeed a war. It is, in a true sense of word, a war with an invisible foe.

As a number of other countries, Azerbaijan too is forced to take extraordinary measures, to close borders and apply a strict quarantine regime. Fight against the invisible peril is carried out today in various directions. This struggle requires hard work, and difficult and responsible decisions from a number of people of various professions. Nevertheless, the most important and complex duties are performed today by our medical workers, physicians, hospital nurses, technical staff, scientists, and laboratory assistants. They are in the frontline of the fight against the epidemic. Decisions taken by physicians, their professional skills, self-sacrifice and compassion are our basic weapons, and hope.

These days, we once more perceived why the profession of a physician was named a sacred mission. This profession has always required a great intellect, and high skills. But today, in addition to these, great personal courage is required from our medical workers. They have been standing this test with dignity. A big army of medical workers has joined the struggle against the epidemic, including men and women, experienced physicians, and those very young, as well as eminent figures and graduates of higher schools who have just started to make steps, medical nurses, technicians, and hospital attendants. They are saving lives to our fellow-citizens, people who have contracted a dangerous virus.

Dear our medical workers,

I want to deeply thank each of you for your self-sacrifice, the works you have done within your capacities, and the heroism you are showing every day. Today, in the person of you, we see manifestation of the best qualities of our people, such as courage and compassion, responsibility and humanism, sincerity and mutual assistance.

Your hard and selfless labour are worth endless appreciation. I am sure, you have been doing your best in order to prevent this perilous epidemic, and will continue to do so. We have endless faith in you, and your professionalism.

I wish you courage, tolerance and sound health, which is the most valuable!

May Great God save you!

With deep thanks and love,