Balaban is one of Azerbaijan’s wind instruments. The name of this instrument is stemming from the words “bala” (little) and “ban” (cock’s sound) and corresponds to the meaning of “little, early cock sound”.

The main part of balaban - its body - is made of apricot, walnut, mulberry or pear tree. It is 28 to 30 cm long. Eight apertures are made on the upper face of the instrument. A mouthpiece made of reed is put on the head of the body. The instrument’s sound pitch is regulated by a clamp on the mouthpiece.

In order to perform, a musician deeply breathes in and blows the air out into the mouthpiece. Thus, the balaban produces a sound. Therefore, the mouthpiece is called also a “sound stimulant”. In fact, a mouthpiece may produce a sound without balaban’s body. But this would not be a melody yet. In order to play a melody, a musician closes and opens apertures on balaban using his fingertips. Thus, a sound coming out of the mouthpiece creates a melody – the harmony of musical sounds, passing through different obstacles.

Mostly, ashyg songs are performed on balaban. 

Speed of sound

Sound is propagated in the form of waves. A vibrating item transfers its vibration to neighbouring molecules or particles.

Mahammad Fuzuli

Mahammad Fuzuli’s name has been eternally written in the Azerbaijani history as an eminent poet, thinker, translator and one of the founding fathers of the Azerbaijani literary language.


Bahram Shah was a skilful hunter. Each time after hunting, he would brag about his courage. The Shah had a beautiful odalisque (female slave) named Fitneh.


Rainbow is one of the most beautiful events in nature. It consists of such main colours as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, sky-blue and violet.

Great philanthropist

The father of Hajji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev was a shoe-maker. By this profession, he earned a living for his family. By the time Zeynalabdin was 10, he asked his father to find him a job.


Gobustan is located near Baku city. It is over 15 thousand years old. In pictures drawn on Gobustan rocks, the life and thoughts of our ancestors are depicted.