First modular hospital complex is inaugurated in Baku

Inauguration of the first modular hospital complex took place in Baku, May 7.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva attended the inauguration of the complex.

The President and the First Lady were given information about the facilities ensured at the medical establishment.

It was noted that construction and assembling works on the first module type hospital complex, commissioned in the capital, were completed within three weeks. With the area of 3000 square metres, this complex will be functioning under the Clinical Medical Centre No.1. All necessary conditions have been ensured at the modular hospital complex with 200 beds in 100 isolation wards for the treatment of patients with infectious diseases. In case of necessity, the wards may be turned into intensive care units by being provided with additional equipment.

The complex has been provided with all necessary equipment. The special ventilation system installed here conveys air into wards after being filtered through a ventilation facility. It is expected that 5 more hospital complexes will be commissioned in the course of May, with 4 additional ones to be completed by the end of June. According to the plan, these hospital complexes will be assembled in the vicinity of existing hospitals in the determined cities and districts, and given under their supervision, which will ensure single management and medical coordination in order to provide the coronavirus patients with necessary medical services. Modular subsidiary hospital buildings have their essential advantages. Because, assembled on a concrete foundation in a short span of time, these structures may easily and quickly be moved to other areas and used for other purposes after the fight against the pandemic is over.

After the familiarization with the modular hospital complex, the President and the First Lady met with the medical staff.

The President addressed the meeting.