Mehriban Aliyeva: “Unless we all, almost everyone, support the measures taken, works done, observe recommendations seriously and unconditionally by demonstrating a civil - simply human - responsibility, the efforts put forth may not yield results.”

Dear fellow-citizens!

Our country, our home has got into trouble. Unfortunately, the epidemic of the cunning disease did not pass around our country too.

Apparently, there is no country on our planet where this pandemic has not spread to. A number of countries are forced to isolate themselves from an outside world. The number of infected people is soaring to a million, there are tens of thousands of dead! In my opinion, since middle ages, the world has never encountered such a perilous epidemic of this scale. The pandemic is changing our daily lifestyle, making us spend our day in anxiety and horror. Many people are thinking: “Is everything indeed so serious”, “What is facing us, where are we going to end up?”, and the primary question: “When will the epidemic come to the end? What should each of us do to make sure that this “horrible event” ends quickly?

Frankly speaking, it is not easy to answer this question, nevertheless, there are answers. First and foremost, we have to unconditionally accept that the situation is very serious and our citizens of all age groups are required to demonstrate maximum solidarity and unity. COVID-19 is indeed a serious threat to every citizen’s life and health. I am praying Almighty God to save our homeland, keep this misfortune away from our homes and families! I believe and hope that the human intellect will prevent the pandemic and return our daily life’s happiness!

The extraordinary situation requires national mobilization. All available material resources of our state has been directed to removing the epidemic and its consequences. Best scientists of the country, our medical workers, and the whole state mechanism are working to save peoples’ lives. Matchless and large-scale measures are taken to combat the epidemic. Big companies are repurposing their production areas for mass production of necessary medical accessories. Our hospitals are widening their capacities on a daily basis, all resources are mobilised to create new hospital rooms with the capacity to receive those in need. Facilities of vital importance are functioning continuously in the cities and settlements. Law enforcement bodies and rescue services who are ensuring public order and ready to come to your aid at any time have been performing their duties properly. Military men guarding the country’s borders have been keeping high fighting reserve. As to our medical workers – doctors, medical nurses, sanitary service workers – they have been showing an example of heroism as a professional worker and a true citizen. All the works being carried out in the republic are performed under the special control of the Azerbaijani President, under his resolute leadership and 24-hour supervision!

I believe titanic efforts of governments and scientists, billions of dollars, euros and manats allocated to the struggle against the coronavirus, will definitely lead to the outcome we wish to see, and to defeating the epidemic. Nonetheless, we have to perceive that unless we all, almost everyone, support the measures taken, works done, observe recommendations seriously and unconditionally by demonstrating a civil - simply human - responsibility, the efforts put forth may not yield results.

My dear fellow-citizens!

I am appealing to you as a child, a spouse, a mother and a grandmother! I hope you would listen to these words coming from the depth of my heart and addressed to each of you, and understand them! Please, accept this as an absolute necessity and your duty – EVERYBODY SHOULD STAY HOME FOR THE NEXT 20 DAYS, TOGETHER WITH YOUR FAMILIES. PLEASE, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE UNLESS THERE IS AN URGENT NECESITY!

These days, there are citizens who cannot observe the quarantine regime. Thousands of our fellow-citizens are at work, doing their best to make sure that majority of our citizens could protect themselves, staying home and observing the quarantine regime. Today, the best appreciation to those in the frontline of the struggle against the coronavirus epidemic is to observe the self-isolation regime. The more seriously and efficiently we follow these rules, the sooner our brothers and sisters who are combatting the epidemic would return to their normal lifestyle, and to their families.

I understand how difficult it is to stay home giving up a daily lifestyle, not seeing relatives, and sometimes being deprived of hugging your children and grandchildren. Nevertheless, if we are responsible citizens, if we indeed love our parents (I am sure we do!), if we value our children and grandchildren, we have to do this for them, yes, we have to! For ourselves! For our Homeland!

The tragic experience of a number of countries showed to the world how the primary principle of remaining alive during the coronavirus pandemic should be formed. This principle is dramatically simple and univocal: either the people follow the rules and recommendations of the quarantine regime and remain alive together, or cause numerous human losses by ignoring them. Just think, ignorance of a single person may lead to the death of tens of innocent people. I had written about this that as COVID-19 is a new virus unknown to the science to date, recommendations of the World Health Organization are of situational nature, and they change as data from various parts of the world are analysed.

Thus, the latest statement of WHO confirms the fact that this infectious disease can be contracted by various age groups and is even a real threat to the young. There are even cases of a child death due to the infection.

Therefore, we all have to univocally understand the importance of the measures taken by the state, and demonstrate maximum civil solidarity. Supporting each other this way, showing tolerance and understanding, we can stand this horrible test our destiny made us encounter blamelessly, having saved each-other for the life after it is over. This victory will definitely take place! I believe in this victory! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES! I LOVE YOU! I BELIEVE IN YOU!

With my prayers for each of you,