First Vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva becomes acquainted with the conditions created in Secondary School No.113 in Kurdakhany settlement as a result of the reconstruction works

On September 13, First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva visited Secondary School No.113 named after Huseynbala Aghaverdiyev in Kurdakhany settlement, and became acquainted with the conditions created here as a result of the basic repair and reconstruction works.

Firstly, the First Vice-president viewed the monument erected in memory of martyrs- residents of Kurdakhany, among which are also leavers of this school.

Current repair works in this school, which started its operation back in 1971, were carried out in 2006. In 2008, two years later, taking into account the density of pupils, additional building for 300 pupils was constructed.

In May this year, following the instruction of First Vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva, this education institution undergone reconstruction.

Earlier, the subject laboratories were in a useless condition, which had a negative impact on the quality of education. But for the new school year, this problem no longer exists.

While becoming familiarized with the classrooms, subject laboratories, IT-language laboratory, the library, assembly and sports halls, First Vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva was informed that 47 classrooms, 2 IT and 1 language laboratories, subject laboratories for chemistry, biology and physics, assembly, sports and music halls were commissioned in two buildings.

Before the repair works, the school was designed for 1150 pupils. By adding additional classrooms, conditions were created here for 1200 pupils. A green area has been laid out in the backyard of the school, and improvement works carried out. A running-track and a football pitch meeting contemporary requirements were created in the backyard.

Meeting the school staff, wishing them successes in the new school year, First Vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva said:

- I am very glad to be today here together with you. As you may have known, in May this year, Telman Aliyev invited me to visit their home, and in the same month, I came on a visit to Kurdakhany settlement, together with my daughter. Around the tea table, we talked about the problems existing in the settlement. During that visit, I viewed this school too and gave necessary instructions to remove the issues the villagers were concerned with. I am happy School No.113 was repaired in a short span of time, for three months, and reconstructed to meet contemporary standards. I am confident this school will be a good present for both schoolchildren and their parents in the new school year.

The school building was constructed in 1971, with additional building constructed in 2008, undergoing several repairs. However, had fallen into disrepair.1200 pupils can study here. Nevertheless, taking into account residents’ request and that the number of pupils is over 2000, I think there is a need for construction of a new school building in Kurdakhany settlement. Instructions have already been given, and construction of a new school building is due to start soon.

Before coming here, I attended the inauguration of a nice park. With the total area of 2.6 hectares, the park is located on the territory called “Zeytubnlug” (Olive wood). Residents of the settlement wished to have such a place to spend their free time. A state-of-the-art, beautiful and fully reconstructed park has been commissioned for resident’s use. What is the most important is that all trees have been kept, and no tree was cut down. At the same time, a state-of-the-art illumination system was installed, a playground for children and a modern cafe were created. I am very glad we could manage to do these works in a short time span.

These are the result of the policy pursued by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. You know that the programme aiming to develop the city of Baku, surrounding settlements and the regions has been implemented for over 15 years. The goal is to ensure that development and renovation processes are going on in each settlement, regions and village of the country, to make sure peoples’ standard of living is lifted. Capital Baku is one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

I am very happy and want to congratulate you. Please convey my greetings, respect and congratulations to all people living in Kurdakhany. Thank you very much.


In general, building and renovation works are going on at a rapid pace in Kurdakhany at the moment. The process of supplying the settlement with the population of 12 thousand 200 people with gas goes on successfully, and works are underway to develop the road infrastructure, restoration of streets continues, and a new illumination system is installed.

Telman Aliyev, a resident of Kurdakhany, and the school’s deputy principal for education Shirinkhanum Abbasova thanked the First Vice-president for the attention shown towards them.

Telman Aliyev: Thank you for visiting us. You have done great jobs. Our roads are very good. Thank you very much. May God bless You and your family with sound health.

First Vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva: Thank you very much. When it comes to roads, I can say that 115 streets and roads totalling 70 kilometres were fully rebuilt, which is, of course, a great comfort for those residing here.

Shirinkhanum Abbasova: Dear Mehriban khanum, greeting young on behalf of our school’s staff, we want to express our gratitude. We say “Thank You!” both on behalf of the residents and the school’s pedagogical staff. We highly appreciate your great work. Thank You very much.

First Vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva: Thank you very much, it is my duty. You know, I have always striven to hold intercourse with people, and to solve their problems. You know, myself and mister President too are always at your side. You are our source of strength.

Shirinkhanum Abbasova: On behalf of the school’s staff, we assure You that, taking into account these great works You have done for us, we will work with more enthusiasm, devoting all our strength and skills to the education of the young generation. We once more thank You on behalf of the villagers, and the pedagogical staff of the school. Thank you.

First Vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva: Thank you very much.


A photo was taken at the end.