Meeting with spouses of the heads of diplomatic missions

First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva met, March 29, spouses of the heads of diplomatic missions in Baku.

Mehriban Aliyeva addressed the meeting.

At the meeting, spouse of Moldova’s ambassador to Azerbaijan Alla Leuka, saying she was honoured to speak on behalf of spouses of the heads of diplomatic missions, known as “HOMS Group”, expressed gratitude for the meeting with Mehriban Aliyeva, the appreciation she gave to the activities of HOMS, and for the congratulations on the occasion of Novruz Holiday. She noted that they have participated in a number of Novruz events, saying Novruz united people having spread beyond the frontiers, reminding us of our similar traits and diversities, strengthening relations between peoples, which based on mutual respect, peace, and kind neighbourhood. Alla Leuka mentioned that she has felt the spirit of Novruz the whole year round.

Saying “As members of an international society, we have always felt the openness, friendship and hospitality of the host country’s society. The people of Azerbaijan are pleasant and generous. We feel happy to be in this beautiful country, with rich history and culture, strong harmony, the spirit of coexistence and tolerance, dynamically advancing and looking into future with confidence”, Alla Leuka talked about the works carried out by HOMS organization they are representing, underscoring they would continue their activities in the humanitarian sphere. She said such meetings are another way of strengthening the relations between the international community and the leadership and the people of a host country. Conveying once more her congratulations in connection with Novruz Holiday, Alla Leuka wished friendship and prosperity to all.


A photo was taken at the end of the meeting.