Meeting with the head of Rothschild Global Financial Advisory

First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva, while on a visit to the Republic of France, met David De Rothschild, the head of Rothschild Global Financial Advisory, March 11.

Mehriban Aliyeva expressed delight in the meeting with head of Rothschild Global Financial Advisory David De Rothschild. Saying, “Rothschilds, very famous in Azerbaijan in the 19th century, founded the Caspian-Black Sea Oil Industry and Trade Association in 1883. At the time, Baku was the centre of the oil industry, and Rothschild brothers had made great investment into Baku”, Mehriban Aliyeva brought to attention that all these prompted advancement of the oil industry in Baku further. Moreover, underscoring the charitable activity of Rothschild brothers, and construction by them numerous buildings in Baku, Mehriban Aliyeva said the cooperation continued after Azerbaijan regained its state independence, emphasizing the significance of the strategic cooperation agreement to be signed between the Central Bank of Azerbaijan and Rothschild Global Financial Advisory. Mehriban Aliyeva invited David de Rothschild to visit Azerbaijan.

David de Rothschild, noting that he was delighted to have this meeting, said the activities of Rothschilds in Azerbaijan had historical roots. Saying, “We are informed about our family’s activities in your country, and I think they have had activities with a trace left in history”, David de Rothschild accepted the invitation to visit Azerbaijan with pleasure.

Exchange of views on cooperation took place at the meeting.