First Vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva attends the inauguration of newly constructed Kindergarten No.6 in Khatai district of Baku

First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva attended the inauguration of newly constructed Kindergarten No.6 of the Interior Ministry in Khatai district, Baku city.

Construction of the kindergarten started in December 2017. Intended, mainly, for children of people employed by the special flexible police regiment, the kindergarten will function in 7 groups, 4 of them being an Azerbaijani-language, 3 Russian. Here, children will also be taught English. A staff of 46 people will be engaged in the education of 140 children, aged one and a half to five years. Rooms and corridors of this two-storied preschool education establishment – where will also be functioning chess and painting circles - have been decorated with pictures of fairy tale characters, and group rooms have been provided with necessary inventory and furniture. In one word, the main building of the kindergarten has been built to meet the requirements of the education activities conducted with the children.

Security matters in the building have been solved on the highest level. Video surveillance, fire alarm, as well as entry-and-exit registration systems have been installed here. The kindergarten has also assembly and sports halls, and a large canteen. The kindergarten has been built to meet the tastes of the little-age inhabitants, and is expected to ensure their comfort, rest, and mastering primary knowledge.

Large-scale renovation works have been carried out on the territory of the kindergarten and in the surrounding area, and various types of flower and rose shrubs, trees planted, and illumination works carried out. Play and sports equipment has been installed here for children. In short, all possibilities have been provided here to ensure that children enjoy their time, and spend it efficiently.

Having become familiarized with the new kindergarten, Mehriban Aliyeva wished successes to the staff of the preschool education establishment in their activities.

Mehriban Aliyeva was photographed with children.