Mehriban Aliyeva is awarded an honorary prize of the Turkish-German Friendship Federation

Azerbaijan’s First Lady, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva was awarded an honorary prize of the Turkish-German Friendship Federation for her contributions to dialogue between civilizations, as well as for the services towards promotion of the Turkic world in Germany and development of relations between Azerbaijan and Germany.

A ceremony associated with awarding the prize was held with the organizational support of the Turkish-German Friendship Federation at the Parliament of Germany’s Bavarian Federal Land.

Instituted by the Turkish-German Friendship Federation and carrying the name of Greek Goddess Cybele, the prize is awarded to persons known for different nominations. So far, a number of influential politicians, public and political persons, economists, persons of culture and well-known sportsmen were awarded this price.

The laureates include German Chancellor Angela Merkel, this country’s former president Johannes Rau, former president of the parliament Rita Silismud, former chairperson of the Green Party Kladio Rout, former Turkish President Suleyman Demirel, premier minister of the Bavarian Federal land Gunther Bechstein etc.

President of the Turkish-German Friendship Federation Cehan Sendan said, at the ceremony (the twelfth), Mehriban Aliyeva was awarded this prize for her contribution to the dialogue between civilizations in the world, as well as promotion of the Turkic world in Germany, and her services to the development of relations between Germany and Azerbaijan: “We thank Mehriban khanum for her services. How can we appreciate her services? How can we disseminate the Azerbaijan-Turkey friendship, Azerbaijan-German friendship to the world? By this prize, we appreciated her service and we are very happy”.

The prize was received by Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Germany Parviz Abbasov.

Parviz Abbasov talked about a number of significant events held by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, headed by Mehriban Aliyeva. As an example, he mentioned “Contemporary Art Exhibition” and “Flight to Baku” in Berlin, and Evenings of Azerbaijani Culture in Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart and Hamburg.

Vice-president of the Bavarian Federal Land’s Parliament Inge Aures said, with her distinguished activity, Mehriban Aliyeva has always been a focus of attention: “Along with supporting construction of schools, the Foundation headed by her also provides assistance for restoration of religious temples. Mehriban khanum very well knows the areas needing attention. She has proved this by her work. I think she has chosen a right direction”.

This year, Germany’s Vice-chancellor, chairperson of the Social Democratic Party, Minister of Economy and Commerce Zigma Gabriel, actor Bulent Ceylan, President of the Bavarian Federal Land’s Football Federation Reiner Koka etc. were honoured with this prize.