Mehriban Aliyeva awarded the World Health Organization’s High Prize

The sitting of the 60th session of World Health Assembly, the supreme body of World Health Organization, was held on May 17 in Geneva. Opening the sitting Mrs Jane Halton, chairperson of the Assembly, health minister of Australia, talked of the honorable work of doctors in prevention of widespread diseases threatening the mankind. The chairperson highly valued activities of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva as President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation not only in field of culture and education but health as well.  

She noted Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva has been awarded the prize of Ihsan Doghramajy Family Health Fund. Spokeswoman of the Fund Philis Erdoğan recalled contributions of professor Ihsan Doghramajy to the health as pediatrician, talked of history of establishment of the Fund. Mrs Erdoğan emphasized actions of Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva in development of healthcare in Azerbaijan, opening of new hospitals, supplying them with modern appliances.    

Chairperson of the Assembly Jane Halton and Director General of WHO Mrs Margaret Chan presented the prize of Ihsan Doghramajy Family Health Fund to Mrs Mehriban Aliyeva. 

Mehriban Aliyeva, Jane Halton and Margaret Chan were photographed.

Mehriban Aliyeva addressed the meeting.