Meeting with Deputy Secretary General of the International Bureau of Exhibitions Dimitri Kerkentzes

First Vice-president of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva met Deputy Secretary General of the International Bureau of Exhibitions Dimitri Kerkentzes, December 12.

The First Vice-president of Azerbaijan recalled the reception organized in Paris on the occasion of Baku’s being a candidate-city for the World “Expo-2025” Exhibition, and the presentation of “Baku Expo-2025” held by the Azerbaijani delegation in the framework of the 162nd Assembly of the International Bureau of Exhibitions. Mehriban Aliyeva mentioned, with delight, that recent years Azerbaijan has been having fruitful cooperation with the International Bureau of Exhibitions. Underscoring Azerbaijan’s successful participation in international exhibitions, Mehriban Aliyeva emphasized the support provided by Dimitri Kerkentzes for holding of these exhibitions. Noting Baku’s proposing its candidacy to host the World “Expo-2025” Exhibition, the First Vice-president underscored the country’s rich experience in this field. She said recent years Baku has successfully hosted a number of international events. Saying “The fact that these events have been hosted on the highest level shows that if our country is chosen as a space to hold “Expo-2025”, this event too will be remembered with its high level of preparations”, - Mehriban Aliyeva emphasized that the initiative of hosting “Expo-2025” in Baku has been supported by both the state entities, the government, as well as the society. Urgency of the theme “Developing human capital building a better future”, proposed by our country for the exhibition, for the world was underscored. Noting that this was Dimitri Kerkentzes’s second trip to Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva expressed her confidence that his proposals and recommendations associated with “Expo-2025” would be very fruitful for our country. It was mentioned that the next year our country is expected to pass the next phase - to receive the assessment mission and present information about the works done. From this standpoint, the trip by the deputy secretary general of the International Bureau of Exhibitions is of great importance.

Dimitri Kerkentzes expressed his delight in visiting Azerbaijan. He said the support provided by the state of Azerbaijan, including First Vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva, for the events associated with Baku’s proposing its candidacy to host “Expo-2025” testifies to Azerbaijan’s attaching great importance to this project.