Foundation of the Hotel and Conference Centre is laid in Shusha

On August 29, the foundation of the Hotel and Conference Centre was laid in Shusha.   

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva attended the foundation-laying ceremony.   

President Ilham Aliyev laid the foundation of the Hotel and Conference Centre.   

Restoration and development works aiming to restore the historical appearance of Shusha city, return its previous fame and its traditional rich cultural life have been continuing with    rapid pace. Back in the ancient times, Shusha was one of the main junctions of the Silk Road, maintaining direct trade connection with Europe and Oriental cities. Caravanserais used to be built to store commodities brought by traders coming/ going on a continuous basis from/to these cities. Taking the concept of caravanserai as the basis, the 5-star Hotel and Conference Centre - to be located in the centre of Shusha city, on the Road of Victory - has been designed using a synthesis of modern and national architecture styles.   

The Centre will cover 2.8 hectares of area. Ornamental compositions and national architectural elements will be applied on the external view, reflecting architectural traditions. Local stone used in the construction of historical buildings will be used in the facing of the façade. Moreover, balconies, north and south facades of the centre will be made of wood-containing materials that were used in the construction of historical buildings of Shusha – the house of Zohrabbeyov, related to the 19th century, and the house-museum of Uzeir Hajibeyli. Consisting of five stories and 150 rooms, the Hotel and Conference Centre will have also other types of rooms, restaurants, conference buildings, and courtyards.